The Painted Pony

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Harley is a 2007 Bay Tobiano APHA Gelding by Oh Im Good and out of Skippa Lil Train. He is a stellar mover with a gorgeous front leg and naturally cadenced way of going. We plan to hit the western pleasure show ring starting in 2016.

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The Baby Ferrari

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I've always wanted a sports car. Something fast, something agile. I've had a love affair with the Ford Mustang for as long as a I can remember. It was this car that the boy wanted, and after challenging the Subaru sales guy to make me fall in love with the car - well here it is, a 2015 Subaru BRZ Series.Blue.

The Only Babies

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I don't have kids. I have a horse, cars and...dogs. Two of 'em. Jake and Zeke are my constant shadows at home. They both like car rides, but Jake is "socially unacceptable" due to past abuse and Zeke can be a bit of a prima donna, but I love 'em both.

Why This Is Here

I created this blog because I like to write; about owning a horse, about my car, about the stupid things customers do/say at my job, about being childfree in a world that puts so much societal pressure on people to procreate that I often feel like slapping people. I’m passionate […]

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