Harley sold on August 28th. He went to a seemingly nice couple of people who told me he’d be loved and well cared for. I made sure to tell them all about him, I made sure not to leave anything out. Like the fact that he’s not kid safe. And he hadn’t been worked consistently in a couple of years. And needed work but would make a cute horse with some time.

They didn’t want to get on him. They watched him go around the round pen, we put a saddle on him and they sent him around again. He was cold backed. I don’t blame him – it had been about six months. They bought him.

Ten days later he was listed again. For six and a half times what I sold him for. Advertised as kid safe and “they don’t get any more broke then this guy!”. I’m not sure how a horse goes from someone not wanting to get on him when they come look at him to broke as hell and kid safe in ten days.

I feel like I failed him. He was my heart and I loved him; and I sold him to someone who lied through their teeth about his future with them and is lying through their teeth about what he is to any potential buyers. And apparently I “don’t know how to keep things professional and just business”. Or something like that. I’m not a professional, and this wasn’t a business decision. It was a heartbreaking decision I agonized over for months and never would have made if I wasn’t so sick.

I know quite a few good people in the horse world. That are honest, kind and will give you the shirt off their back to help you if they can.

But I’ve been reminded pretty sharply why I err toward the side of hating and distrusting people. Because for most people, greed and money is the driving force behind what they do. To hell with the consequences.

A chapter has closed on one part of my life and I’m just waiting for the next one to begin.

Oh I also have an official diagnosis for my migraines. “Intractable migraine” – which translates to difficult to treat or fails to respond to standard or aggressive treatments.

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